XL Pools


XL Pools has maintained a website for a number of years and had excellent web presence on search engines however, customers would comment that finding information on their website difficult. XL Pools contracted Uprise Digital to create a new simpler website but maintain the search rankings they had spent so long to build up and maintain.

The new use of video in their marketing should feature highly and the website should be made to look as premium as their installations.

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to maintain the site’s excellent search rankings. If pages were moved, we would need to redirect. This included moving over 348 blog posts and all related media.


The website build perfectly shows off the luxury pools that the client sells. Utilizing video and interactive media, the client journey is now much clearer and simple to navigate.

Client Feedback

Uprise Digital has been outstanding since we first started with them. They action everything instantly with no delays, the response time is exemplary, exceeding deadlines and expectations!

Communication is key within businesses and has been a stand out feature within XL Pools & Uprise digitals relationship. They listen to everything we have to say and our ideas and execute them effortlessly, our website is beyond what we had in mind and everyone always compliments they features and easy use.

Uprise Digital helps us with all our advertising, from magazine adverts to vehicle signage- we could not give enough praise and credit to this company, and would recommend them all day every day!

Thank you!

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