Why Choose A White Label Website Design & Development For Your Agency

Why White Label?

Growing your agency is hard. Growing it sustainably is even harder. Whist the concept of hiring freelance talent isn’t new. The process is flawed. Project management and feedback loops suck time away from you or your staff which could otherwise be used to progress with company goals.

Uprise Digital offer you a reliable and trusted long-term partner that will handle and project manage multiple projects while you focus on planning and growing your own business. You can be safe in the knowledge that our project management and Website Design & Development service will be professional and to a standard that you would expect from your own staff.

Why Not Freelance?

As an agency owner, you will at some point or another have the stress and frustration of staffing (we know, we’ve been there!). An average web developer salary starts at around £20,000 p/a at a junior level to £50,000 p/a at a director level. Not to mention the cost of onboarding, equipment, training, pensions and HMRC obligations.

The world of web can be hard to predict, one day you may be at capacity, the next you have very little project work. What do you do with a full time employee during that downturn?

Many agency owners turn to freelance web professionals to avoid the cost of a full time employee with the ability to turn off the tap when there is a downturn in project work. Freelancers come with their own set of problems however, there is an increased stress on project management with emails firing back and forth between client and the agency then replaying that information to the freelancer.

Communication flow with a freelancer

• Increased load on agency
• Potential for miscommunication
• Added time between feedback loops
• Project management required

Communication flow with a white label partner

• Minimal input required from agency
• Limited risk of miscommunication
• Quick turnaround on feedback and updates
• No project management required by agency

Our White Label Solution

Our white label solution gives you all the benefits of an employee but without the overhead. We stand alongside you wearing your company colours. Emails are branded and come from your agency domain, we can attend meetings with you, support you throughout the pitch process and help you with after sales and website maintenance.

Uprise Digital will project manage the entire process and you will be given access to our management system so you can see exactly where we are at any given time. All client emails will be CC’d to you so you can be sure we are adopting the same professionalism you demand of yourself.

Want to see what tools we use to build our websites?

Why Choose Uprise Digital?

No Unnecessary Plugins

We don't use plugins for every simple task. We build bespoke functionality and only use plugins when it's really necessary - Yoast, WooCommerce, etc.

Server Installation

Count on us to install your website on a staging or live server of your preference. No additional costs involved. We've got you covered!

Responsive By Default

Optimization for tablets and mobile devices comes by default. No responsive designs? That's okay. Our developers will handle it.

Branded Dashboard

We develop easy-to-use, custom branded dashboard so the end user is not overwhelmed by tons of confusing options.

Video Documentation

All websites we create include custom video documentation on how to use and administrate the website.

Bespoke Templates

We build custom themes without using ever using premade templates. Everything is crafted based on your specifics and includes only what you need. No unnecessary extras.

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