Utopian Gardens


Utopian Garden’s brief was clear. Showcase the products and services they offer so they can sell them online and deliver without contact. The website was to be clean, with a theme of gold and green representing future and prosperity.

The Challenge

Whilst a standard e-commerce platform was a good route to take, with the idea based around simplicity we opted for an order form instead, limiting the number of steps required for purchase and having a lighter touch than standard shopping carts. Another challenge was our time frame. Utompian Gardens wanted to get the ball rolling and their website live as soon as possible.


The whole site from inception to completion took place in just 4 days meeting their urgent requirement of a fast turnaround. We created this focussed website on their key products and made ordering simple by having an order form people could simply add items they wanted and a simple credit card payment at the end.

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